Hanzo x Dogira: Bringing one of the first games to the “DoFi” Ecosystem

Dogira Team
2 min readNov 18, 2021


We are proud to announce an official collaboration between Hanzo Inu and Dogira!

Hanzo’s decision to launch a flagship play-to-earn game made them the perfect project to collaborate with. Dogira Studios will provide input towards their game’s development, support in updating the Hanzo token for blockchain gaming on Polygon, and assisting them in their upcoming NFT launch (along with potential future launches).

Utility NFTs Built to Maximize Polygon’s Potential

Hanzo will be launching their V2 token on the Polygon network, and launching a series of NFTs. These NFTs will be going live on Sunday, December 5th at 6 PM EST.

They will sell for .05 ETH (in MATIC) for whitelist members, and .07 ETH (in MATIC) for the public — available for purchase through our DoFi portal.

We are currently working alongside Hanzo to ensure their NFTs are built with utility for their P2E title, and developing the generative framework that will create their 8,888 Hanzo NFTs. Alongside these NFTs, the Hanzo team intends to release concept art for their upcoming game sometime during the first quarter of 2022.

Additionally, we will be hosting a Twitter Spaces AMA with Hanzo on Sunday, November 21st at 5 pm EST. Through this collaboration, Hanzo is primed to be one of the first blockchain games to be integrated into our DoFi ecosystem.

Here’s to a bright future!

-The Dogira Team



Dogira Team

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